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Northampton Nerf Party

What a fantastic Nerf Party in Northampton with the new inflatables!

New equipment


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Nerf Party Oakham – 6th Birthday

Another Fantastic Nerf Party in Oakham!

Location: Catmose Sports Centre Oakham

Number of Party Goers: 23

“Absolutely fantastic party for son’s birthday – he and his friends really enjoyed it and I think it will be talked about loads at school on Monday! Even the parents had a great time shooting the kids!!! Thanks again to Greg and his team – would highly recommend!”


Nerftastic Party Facebook Video

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Nerftastic Party 16th Sept 2015 Nerftastic Party 16th Sept 2015

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Leicester Nerf Party – Scout Leaders and Explorers

Great Nerf Party in Leicester for Scout Leaders

Location: Ratcliffe College

Number of Party Goers: 20

Great fun, also good for big kids!!!





ScoutLeadersNerftastic3 ScoutLeadersNerftastic1 ScoutLeadersNerftastic2

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Nerf Gun Party Market Harborough – 1st Bowden Scouts End of Term Party

The Scouts are at it again  at this Market Harborough Nerf Party

Location: Little Bowden Scout Hut

Number of Children: 25

The kids had a fab time. Sweaty, boisterous, proper old school fun!






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Teds 7th Birthday – Market Harborough Nerf Party

Location: Lubenham Village Hall

Number of Children: 28

Guns, goggles & ammo provided by nerftastic made for an easy and cost effective party. The kids loved it. Thank you.







IMG-20140622-WA0017IMG-20140622-WA0006 IMG-20140622-WA0004 IMG-20140622-WA0014 IMG-20140622-WA0010 IMG-20140622-WA0003


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